Highway Code & Speed Awareness


JAUPT Approved Certification

Includes Certification (3.5 Hours towards CPC requirements)

DSA Upload fees are recharged at cost which is currently £8.75 per delegate per seven-hour course (VAT exempt)


Professional drivers are required to partake in ongoing training to keep standards high and improve safety on the road. Every 5 years, you are required to complete 35 hours of this refresher training, or 7 hours per year.

The session is a useful reminder that the Highway Code is a vital tool for every road user and that it is constantly under review and is updated to reflect changes in the UK road system and the way it is used.

The session begins with a brief quiz to test current knowledge and to highlight some of the changes that may have taken place since the driver last read the Highway Code. It then reviews the history of the Code and how it has developed over the years and examines the relevance to today’s road users.

The main changes introduced in recent years will be outlined including new road signs and markings, motorway rules including the use of “Smart Motorways” and restrictions on goods & passenger vehicles.

The second part of the module looks at the need for speed limits and, in particular, the protection the give to vulnerable road users. It introduces the use of variable speed limits on motorways, at road works and in the vicinity of schools at particular times of day.

Driver behaviour is discussed and typical driver profiles are examined to see why some people speed. The effect of speed on the dynamics of a collision is explored to demonstrate how the outcome is influenced by speed.

Who should attend?

Suitable for all drivers undergoing Driver CPC.

This course would suit :

  • Van Drivers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Coach Drivers
  • Taxi Drivers


3.5 Hour Training Course


First-2-Aid-U Training Suite, Glasgow (Convenient free parking available).
On site instruction available by request.

Course Content - Part 1

  • Knowledge Test
  • Position
  • History & Development of Highway Code
  • Main Changes of Highway Code
  • Restrictions for Goods & Passenger Vehicles

Course Content - Part 2

  • Speed Limits
  • Variable Speed Limits
  • Restrictions for Goods & Passenger Vehicles
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Consequences of Speed


The session concludes with a knowledge check quiz.

Includes certification for 3.5 hours towards CPC Requirements


A maximum of 15 students can be accommodated on this course.

Combine this module with one of our other 3.5 hour modules to create a JAUPT approved seven hour Driver CPC course.
Both modules must be delivered on one day or in a 24 hour period to qualify for 7 hours CPC periodic training attendance.